October 5, 2009


Each wall in Layla’s new room is going to be divided into “stations” or “sets” for her to interact and play with or simply explore. I wanted each set to have a theme – The themes are: Reflect, Dream, Investigate, Create, Imagine, Play, and Experiment. These words are going to be put up on the wall as a little reminders of how important curiosity, exploration, and play are – how little hands are doing a job.

I decided I didn’t want to just Mod Podge them right onto the wall, because if we every arrange or rearrange, I want to the words to be up for the hike. So I decided to buy some inexpensive thin wood from Lowes and had the very nice man cut them all for me at dimensions I had pre-determined. (At home I had cutout the letters and laid them out the way I would like them to be seen/read. I measured the tallest letters height so I would know how tall the board needed to be and measure how long the letters were in sequence. I brought the dimensions with me when looking for the perfect pieces and to have on hand when it was cut.)

The Wood All Cut Up:

When I brought them home I painted them all white because the letter cutouts I chose are colorful enough on their own. The wood, however, will protrude a little from the wall creating a subtle dimensional effect.

Painted and Arranging the Letters:
Then Mod Podge the letters down – let dry – Mod Podge over top for a protective coating.

I can’t wait to install these little word creations in her room!


All Done!

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