September 28, 2015

When I don’t want to isn’t an excuse

I did not want to do this. I did NOT want to do this. At 7:15 at night. I did not want to start a project, help her pull out her sewing machine and get to work. I DID NOT.

But then…

I remembered that she used her nice words to ask me…

And I remembered that, if I didn’t help her, no one would.

That she is sometimes at my mercy…to say okay. To say yes. To do the little things to make it happen.

And so, I said “okay, I will help you.” 

If I want a child that is nourished and thriving… If I want her to do things other than sit in front of a screen… I need to be doing them, too. And when she asks for help ( until she gets her complete competence in whatever said task may be ) it is my duty to follow through and help her along HER WAY.

It is so much easier to sit on my couch. I was working, veging, relaxing … (And sometimes those things are absolutely okay and sometimes they are also absolutely necessary)

But when I get back to my roots – of being a YES family … Not saying no just because it’s convenient or “I don’t wanna”…. There is so much joy in that connection. In that showing up. In that mindset of, I’m here for you. Even if it’s to help thread your needle or to draw a pattern with you – talk through which spaces need to be left open.

I never want my children to stop asking for my help if they need it. So I need to be available to them when they ask.

Seriously, this took maybe 20-30 minutes of our time from set up to clean up — and those minutes are so incredibly precious to her oodles of self esteem, confidence, and just pure excitement.


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