January 26, 2011

Valentine’s Sensory Bin

More Sensory Bin Excitement!
Yes, it’s true, we are putting all the “Valentine’s Day” things out. Our house is decorated, our centers are accessible, and Buga is having a wonderful time enjoy the love. I put out this new Sensory Bin and she loves it. It’s all about hearts – and containers / compartments / fractions / fitting. She loves opening each piece up and finding the treasure inside. I will definitely try to incorporate some container in all of my Sensory Tubs from now on because she really enjoys filling them, emptying them, discovering them…She plays with this one just about every day.

This ones main fill are plastic hearts I found at Target (I think there are about $10.00 worth of hearts in here.) I bought pink and red. We also use them for other activities (like transferring).

As you can see from the Eye Spy view, it’s very heart-centric. It’s almost all pink and red with tons of hearts in different textures: Plastic, glitter, foam, felt, eraser…

Here is one of the largest pieces in the box – a red, see-through container to hold other hearts. It holds four of these medium hearts….or a handful of the filler hearts….or two of the larger hearts. It’s all about filling up and figuring out what fits best where…shape, size, contrast.

These are her main tools – measuring “cups” and “spoons” shaped like hearts! I also bought these at Target (in the “$1.00” spot. It was actually $2.50 for all of them…both cups and spoons) Not only do they work as tools for filling, scooping, and pouring; but they are also another practice in size ratios and proportion. Which heart fits where? They also stack and nest inside one another.

This is also a Target $1.00 find – the plastic hearts that open up. I think there were about 10 in the pack for $1.00 (pink and red). More treasure containers to fill and spill. More size work. They are also used for nesting inside the larger containers as well.

This flower trinket container was also a $1.00 Spot find. I love that they are like “love me, love me not” petals…..and have the perfect amount of slots for an AB pattern (red, pink, red, pink, red, pink).

This was yet another Target find. The red container heart came 2 per pack. When you open them up, it is divided into two sections, but you can take out the plastic divider to make it one compartment – and it happened to be the perfect size to fit the glitter heart (Also from Target’s Spot)! I left one WITH the divider as a lesson in differences, fractions, etc. She fills it up using the smaller, filler hearts, the sparkle hearts (AC Moore) or the erasers (Dollar Tree).

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