We recently made Silly Putty as a “birthday present” for Daddy. I always try to have Buga get involved in drawing or making something for birthdays. She likes to help out and I think it’s important to teach the notion of giving to others. Daddy likes science a lot and I thought this would be a fun little something they could play with and enjoy together.

This Silly Putty could more accurately be named “Gak” or “Goo” as it was a little sticky. Needless to say it was a lot of messy fun for my little one – who isn’t too big on messes! She kept wanting to get the goo off her fingers, but once clean, she wanted to play with it all over again.

Here is the recipe if you are interested in a science experiment!

1 cup white glue (Elmer’s)
1 cup liquid starch
food coloring

Put glue and coloring in plastic container. Add starch a little at a time, stirring constantly. Keep stirring until mixture holds together like putty. If too sticky, add more liquid starch in small increments until smooth and rubbery. Have fun pulling and stretching this concoction as you watch how liquid parts turn into more of a solid. Store in an airtight container.

I recently read that storing it in the refrigerator cuts down on the “stickiness”. I just kept adding liquid starch to the mixture, and her hands, which helped keep it from sticking on her fingers.

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