September 28, 2010

Scratch Art

I found these at the craft store on Clearance for under $2.00. In grade school I remember having to ever so gingerly scratch the surface without getting any oil from my hands onto the black “paper” and make each stroke count because we weren’t allowed to get another piece, so I wasn’t sure if Buga would be old enough for them yet. Even with these special precautions, I remember LOVING it, so for the price, I figured it would be a great fine motor skill builder and a good bit of fun.

I took them out of the learning closet for the first time today because it was a rainy day and we definitely needed a fun distraction….needless to say, she loved it. It was so much easier (and less rule-like) than I ever remembered! The bright colors that showed up underneath the dark black space…beautiful!

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