December 2, 2010

Science Experiment : Colors and Light

I have been trying to incorporate some more “curriculum” like things into our learning time. Science is one that I have been trying to add in…I bought these really cool test tubes that I know will get a lot of use for different types of activities. I thought it would be fun to change the water color using food coloring…and try to mix them.

First I let Buga use a medicine dropper to get water from a cup and put it in each of three test tubes : which we would turn into the red, blue, yellow tubes.
Once they were filled she added some drops of food coloring to each…this proved tricky because she added too much yellow making it look orange and too much blue making it look almost black. Next time I will limit how much goes in somehow. I had to really dilute some
to make them more accurate colors.

Next we closed up all the tubes and shook them to disperse the color more evenly. This made some bubbles, too, which was fun to see how the bubbles changed color.
Next we added 3 more test tubes and trays. And Buga poured about 1/3 of each color. First we did Red into Two different Tubes. Then we poured Blue into one of the same tubes (to make purple), and one New one. Then we did Yellow into one each the Blue (for green) and Red tube (for orange). I wanted to have some original colors still remaining so we could see all six colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple.

Then we looked at all of our tubes using a Flashlight. We flashed the light through the tube onto a white piece of paper to see the colors.
When we were finished we used the medicine dropper again and dropped one of each color onto a paper towel to see the colors again.
It was fun…I think she is a little too young for all of it….but it is fun to have an idea to play around with. I am sure she learned something from it, even if it wasn’t 1 + 1 = 2 . We worked our fine motor skills with the medicine dropper…and our listening skills with following instructions…Mama worked on her patience. All in all, a good learning experience 🙂

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