October 21, 2011

School Days
I am a big believer in “Meet your child where’s she at.” In my case, this meant enrolling my 3-year-old in PreSchool. Sure, I chose to stay home to be with her…but she really needs this space to socialize, interact, and explore without Mama at an arm’s length. Maybe Boo will need this early enrollment too…maybe not. But Buga certainly wanted to be “at school”. For about a year it’s all she’s been talking about. And in all seriousness I would have done it a lot sooner had I found somewhere near us with a part time schedule. I did choose to stay home with my children for a reason and I don’t need or want someone else taking care of my little ones all day long (though sometimes that does sound appealing). I just wanted somewhere she could get away a couple hours a day, only a few days a week, to be with “friends”; to do something independently; and to see teachers (other people) as an “authority” to respect. This program was a great start for us. And the best part, Buga LOVES going. It’s not very high tech but it covers the basics and the teachers, students, and parents are nice. The first day I dropped her off Buga was a little nervous (who wouldn’t be?)…but we had gone there to play and check it out a week before school started to familiarize her with the setting. Which I definitely recommend.

We get there and she is super excited to see her friends. Hangs her backpack and jacket on the hook. Takes some pictures. Sits at the table to color with her friends. I’m about to leave. She gets up, walks right over to me and softly kisses me right on the lips. I love you she says. Then goes back to her coloring table. I love you too, Layla. Always and forever. No matter what. Have fun with your friends. I will see you soon…

Needless to say she barely says goodbye to me now…which both makes me sad and warms my heart at the same time.

Here is are some photos from the past few weeks of her on her way to school. I am documenting this for me and forher. Never let your excitement for learning fade!

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