October 28, 2011

Pumpkin Surprise Favors

While in the bathroom at my parent’s house, I noticed a ton of empty toilet paper tubes…..and inspiration struck! I know, an interesting beginning to a craft story….
Anyway, I remember seeing / making “poppers” – goody favors inside a toilet paper tube, twisted with tissue paper to look like an unopened piece of candy or something. They were always festive and fun….I mean, who doesn’t like to receive a little package of mystery? With Halloween so close I decided we should make “pumpkin”poppers. I headed to Target to find some fun goodies to fill them with (I tried to add more than just sweets). Here’s what I came up with: Halloween fruit snacks, a little pad of halloween paper, a bubble tube, a sheet of fall leaf stickers, and a pumpkin straw (which I really lucked out on finding because the straw itself was GREEN like the stem of a pumpkin – fun and practical!)

I stuffed them into the toilet paper tubes – strategically.

Are you beginning to see why that green-straw was a total score?

Buga helped my open the napkins.
You layer two together and place the toilet paper tube in the middle.
Then gather the napkins up around the straw at the top of the tube.
I tied them with curling ribbon to look like pumpkin vines.
I think they looked cute just like this, but Buga wanted to add some faces so….
I printed out some jack-o-lantern faces onto sticker paper and cut them into strips.
Then I circle-punched the faces out.
Buga wanted to count the number of pumpkins so she lined them up.
Then we stuck them onto our pumpkins.
Pumpkin Perfect.

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