October 14, 2011

Pumpkin Pancakes

Magazine Time!
I (we) Love Highlights magazine. I used to love them as a little girl and now I love that Buga get so thrilled when she sees it coming through our mail slot. One of the first pages she turns to, without hesitation is the Kitchen section – she loves to help out in the kitchen – and she loves even more to eat what she’s helped out making in the kitchen (which is a great motivation to try new recipes and use healthy ingredients.) Some of the recipes don’t always turn out the way they look in the picture, but this recipe exceeded my expectations. It is sweet. It is savory. It is Fall on a breakfast plate. You can even eat them without syrup…they were delicious.
She loves them.
I made them silver dollar sized and put them in baggies in 4-6 pancakes portions so I could take them out and microwave them on school mornings.

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