June 7, 2009

Pocket Filling Mission

I have been working on a new project for the shop – another Fiddle Fab type lovey – but the super duper deluxe version. It is quilted, has ribbons within the quilt, interactive squares within it’s body, texture squares, and ribbons around the periphery. It has a soft square, a bumpy square, a smooth square, a peek-a-boo square, and a pocket square – it jingles, squeaks, and crinkles. There are lots of colors, textures, and touchables for little ones to enjoy.

Today’s Mission: Find something to attach to the outside that can hide in the little pocket. It has to be something small enough to fit, but big enough not to be a choking hazard – washable, dryable, chewable…intriguing.

We will see what I can find.


Seeking : Pocket Filling Do-Dad


While out and about, my mission a success, when I came across some teethers at Babies R Us. I found two that will do the job nicely.

First Years Teething Keys
Learning Curve Fruity TeetherEither of these will work! I am going to detach them from the ring they are on and use a ribbon to attach them to the side of my Fiddle Fab Quilts – – the teether can hide in the pocket until baby takes it out, but won’t get lost because it is attached to the side of the blanket! The fruity ones are adorable! They have different textures and will match two of the blankets I am currently working on PERFECTLY. The strawberry and the lemon are all ready attached. Now I will have to make one that will coordinate with the grapes….

Stay tuned…

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