October 18, 2010

Please Touch Museum September 2010
I know I’ve posted about museums before…and the Please Touch Museum, for sure! We continue to go back and enjoy this special museum time and time again. Here we are enjoying the Rhythmic Rain Forest…the Frogs are kind of like a Xylophone. So much fun!

We got to go on the carousel 2 times in a row because no one else was there!
Buga LOVES riding the bunny rabbit when we go.

Here we are playing in the Hospital Nursery.
We were taking care of all the new little ones.
Buga wanted to listen to baby’s heart beat, take her temperature, give her medicine, and a shot.
Look how cool this balance beam is!!
They are separate pieces that you connect together to make a beam.
Buga LOVES the beam, so this was a fun project for her …
and will be going on our Christmas List, for sure!!

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