October 14, 2009

Photo Wall Problems

I definitely should have charted out the wall before choosing the frames, and choosing the pictures because I really turned this project into a big math problem with lots of limits and variables. After hours of charting, measuring, rotating, scaling, and visualizing I think I finally arrived at a design I am happy with – it is not as crip, clean, or “perfect” looking as maybe I would have wanted, but it will do the job and I think it is visually pleasing in the end.

My tech husband found this really cool tool to use to chart things out on the computer. PlanningWiz3. http://v3.planningwiz.com

After measuring and giving him the dimensions, he put it into the program: I think we used “bar stools” for out picture frames and made them the accurate sizes.

Our parameters?
21 small frames – ___ vertical ____ horizontal.
8 medium frames- 1 vertical, 7 horizontal.
3 large frames which ended up all being vertical.
4 mirrors.
a wall cutout (missing photos) where the cubbies will go so they don’t get hidden away (the black space on the diagram)
And I wanted the light switch to be inside a picture frame
Then I taped out a space on my living room floor with the dimensions of the wall because it is much easier to put them down on the floor then on the wall for visualization purposes – and once the velcro sticks, I can’t move them again.

So here is a picture of what it will look like on the wall once I put them up (hopefully!)
If things go according to plan I will post the next installment soon….

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