I am so excited to introduce this little phonics box. It is a work in progress. It’s not so easy to find teeny things to fit in the drawers for each of the letters, but we started our collection. And little people like collections. Buga is excited to search the drawers for little miniatures to sound out. We work on one letter at a time. Pull out the drawer, match them to our sand paper letters, and bring a felt mat to the learning table. We lay the letters out and identify them. We trace the sandy texture with our fingers. We make the sound. We pull each of the items from the drawer, one item at a time, emphasizing the beginning sound. “b-b-bear”. “b-b-ball”. It’s fun to identify the objects, take them out, and put them back into the box. Then we can move onto another letter. It’s been helpful reinforcing the capital and lowercase letter combinations along with the sounds of the letters. Buga has gotten better at drawing her letters now too. And sometimes we pull the sensory bin out when we are done to practice drawing our letters in the sand or rice when we are done. You could hide the miniatures in the sensory bin too and reinforce the sounds of each object as you excavate them.

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