September 17, 2010

*New Product* Story Starters – You Create the WHY Play Set
Who? What? When? Where? … what about WHY?

Tell me a story. YOU create the WHY.

Storytelling is such a simple and beautiful tradition to share with your wee ones. With only the buttons and beeps and sounds of your own imagination, let these Story Starters inspire a journey of mystery, whimsy, and joy between you and your little author. Share in a creative storytelling journey with your little one and help them adventure through creative problem solving, vocabulary building, and memory making. A beautiful collection of hand stampedimages inspire the Who. What. When. and Where. While you and your story maker share inthe delight of creating the WHY.

Each 1” die is gently sanded, hand-stamped, and lightly polished with an organic, all natural beeswax. Included inside a treasure tin, is a pocket Moleskine entitled: “My Little Book ofWhy” to jot down your musings and reflect on past story-making adventures; A laminated Story Telling Symbol Key to help with spelling and ideas; and a miniature, tin-sized pen completes this whimsical Story Starter Play Set.

This would make a wonderful Birthday Gift, Back-to-School Memory, or Family Fun Night Game.

*Note – As with ALL toys, children should be supervised while at play. The Story Starter Play Tin is not suitable for children who still mouth things.*

Story Starters : You Create the WHY
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