October 8, 2010

*New Product* Rainbow Fish Frolic

Rainbow Fish Frolic

Frolic with the Fishes … sort them … count them … catch them if you can!This colorful game is sure to delight your little nature-lover. Each set has ten Rainbow Fishjust waiting to be caught: counted, color-coded, and classified! It is the perfect game to reinforce beginner color and counting concepts. Let your little Scientist lead the way to play, pretend, and explore with the Rainbow Fish Frolic – for a frolicking good way to learn! Go Fish!

Each little fishy measures 4.5” long and about 3” tall. There is stabilizer inside to give it a bit of structure. One side is a color cotton fabric while the other is cream-colored muslin with a coordinating number appliquéd. There is a washer* sewn inside so the fish can be “caught.” Numbers: 1-10. Colors: Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black, and White. (In that order, so if you get the Color Sorting Set to coordinate, all the numberswill line up!)Fishing Rod : is approximately a foot long with a dowl rod inside for stability. The fishing “line” is about 30” long. The “bait” is a strong magnet* so it can hook each little fish.

*The washers and magnet are securely sewn inside but, in the unlikely event that something came loose, they would present a choking hazard.**Although this set has been designed and built for durability, no toy is indestructible. As with ALL toys, children should be supervised while at play and this toy should be taken away if damaged.

The Rainbow Fish Frolic is available at
for $45.00

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