June 20, 2015

Mama May I Play – Feature Friday
This week’s featured product is brought to you by 22-month-old Lincoln.

Count With Me
Mama May i

Lincoln’s very favorite game in the whole world is CRASH.

Basically, stack anything you have, as high as you can, and watch as it crashes to the ground.

Now, MamaMayi Count With Me Play Set was created as a sorting, stacking, counting, and Math manipulative kit. The little disks inside are grooved on the top so the bottom of another disk sits perfectly inside making stacking – a visual way to investigate amount – a little easier (and less frustrating!)
Though Lincoln isn’t necessarily “counting” these coins, each time he places a new one on top he is adding by sensing volume and number. He is working the fine muscles in his fingers by grabbing each coin, pinching and placing it on top. He is fine tuning his kinesthetic understanding of his body by placing each coin gently in order to balance the stack. He is building focus and concentration. He is learning intuitively about gravity with that rewarding CRASH. So much learning is happening when little ones set out to explore.

What began as a diversion for me – to get through the witching hour while trying to make dinner – soon became one of Lincoln’s favorite games. I love to hear his squeal and giggle when they all come tumbling down!

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