Day 7
Tradition of Love and Kindness

This is kind of a heavy story but a classic Anderson tale beautifully brought to life by Rachel Isadora. The topic may be too much for some little ones (it makes me cry every time I read it) but I believe it’s also an important tale. Disney did a short film on this (it’s part of a short film movie I found on Netflix). My daughter’s knew exactly what happened when we read this book.  They felt it. Their hearts squeezed and hurt…but in a way that brings a bit of enlightenment and stretching.  I think it offers the beginning to many conversations and more observations in real life. 
I would read this one to yourself first, before reading it to little ones, and decide whether or not you would like to read it aloud. 

Art Project

Beacon of Love Nightlight

 We each made a simple lantern ornament to symbolize that we are each a beacon of light in this world. That we have the power to be helpers. That we get to choose, every day, the kind of human beings we wish to be….and that we could all use a little more love and light in our lives.

Supplies Needed:
  • I found these adorable wide-mouthed ornaments from the craft store.
  • Washi tape
  • Battery-operated tea lights (I bought ours from the dollar store but next time I will opt for the “white” lights – ours were more yellow and I think the Washi tape would shine more colorfully with a white LED tea light inside)

Ornament Making

Send Love Fingerprint Ornament via Mama Papa Buba.
These are simple enough to make several at once. Craft a Token of Love to be given to someone in our life we are grateful for along with a note as to why they are so special to us.

This is a seasonal favorite since childhood.

Pretend Play

We printed these beautifully illustrated masks last year and added sticks to them for pretend play and acting out the series of events. They can be found on the Author’s website Jan Brett.

I found this The Mitten Unit Study & Printable on Homeschool Encouragement and have found so many wonderful skills built in. We used the “left / right” mitten pack for my younger daughter. My older daughter enjoyed writing in “fancy writing”, we used the pictures for story re-telling, a matching game, and other such activities. It is a well-planned pack with lots of learning built in (I advise printing only the pages you will use because it’s a lot to print at once!) And the little illustrations are adorable. 

Sewing Practice

Using pieces of felt, cut out a mitten and practice sewing skills! 
Then use the illustrations from the Unit Study to put the little friends inside your mitten!

Kitchen Science

Traditional Cookie Baking

Make traditional Italian anisette cookies by A Family Feast

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