The room is making progress, I am pleased to announce! My Mom came to visit this weekend so we were able to get some things done while Layla was being well cared for…

We installed all the metal sheets on the wall: Part 1 of the Ball Wall.

The ball pitt will go in the corner. We are going to attach magnets to tubes that will adhere to the metal sheets and become “pipes” and “ramps” for the balls to roll through! It should be so much fun! 🙂

We installed the “seat cushion” circle ART onto the small wall – These are hooked up so that they can be removed and played with – lily pads, jumping stones, seat cushions, beanbag targets, the possibilities are endless.

The Colored Block wall now has book ledges attached in the white spaces – I am super excited about this library! I plan to switch the books depending on the season, holiday, or just a change…so Layla always has something new to pique her curiosity.
And here is a picture of the bed with the little storage bins underneath – practical, functional, and also add the finishing splashes of color to the bed design.

I will post when we accomplish more!

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