January 20, 2011

Making “Chocolates” for a Holiday Learning Game

I started making “Candy Chocolates” (pretend) for a Valentine’s Day Learning Game for Buga. It is my plan to use these chocolates in a candy box…with the little wrappers…for her to count, sort, and pretend with. She is going to use tongs to pick them up and put them in the box. Each box contains 6 “chocolates”. I made two of each shape so we can match them. I made two of each design in each white and pink so we can sort them that way. We can sort by color, shape, design, or color & design. It was fun for me to create these little goodies. It was like playing with play dough. I know she is going to love them.

I used brown Crayola Model Magic for the candies and pink and white puffy paint for the “icing”.

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