October 22, 2009

Layla’s Tinker Toys

She still likes to cuddle, bite, drag, chew, and play with these little handmade pieces! – even at 20 months of age (I can’t believe that many months have passed.) It makes my heart so happy to see her loving the things I create for her.

Here she is busy cuddling “I tired. I tired. I sleep. Nap.” on her Tinker SquareD – the one that matches her bedroom quilt.

And here she is trying to get the shaker beads out of her Sound Gizmo – endless fascination trying to get these little colors out.

“Help. Help. Open. Out.”
“I’m sorry, Layla, they don’t come out. They are stuck.”
“Ooooohhhhh. Stuck.”

A conversation we have had many times!


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