June 24, 2017

Kids Rainbow Art Party in the Park part 2 – Games and Activities

We had so much fun coming up with fantastic Art ideas to explore at the party. We tried to have something for every type of artist and we also tried hard to have different kinds of art forms to create. As an onlooker, I absolutely loved to see how each artist explored his or her favorite techniques and engaged in the process of making art whole-heartedly. 4 year olds are such magical and imaginative creatures and I was awed by their focus, engagement, and sense of wonder.

Here are a few of the stations we had available.

Chalk Station – chalk on the biggest canvas we could find : the ground.
Build A Boat – I cut pool noodles into slices along with toothpicks, straws, paper, and styrofoam plates. They were to create a floating vessel and then test it in a pool of water.


Squirt Gun Painting – squirt guns with tinted water in them to spray at an easel for squier gun painting.
Paint Big – each little artist got a piece of thick poster board to create whatever they wanted.
Pop Pop Fizz Fizz – we used baking soda trays and dropped colored vinegar using droppers onto the trays to watch what happened.
Bubble Prints – I had six non-spill bubble containers that I ore filled and added liquid watercolor to. The children blew bubbles and “caught” the bubbles on card stock paper to make bubble prints.
Rainbow Croquet – Six pool noodles + 12 dowel rods = Rainbow Croquet. The object is to get your ball through the arches in rainbow order as fast as you can. The arches were not in rainbow order.
Build A Ramp – using tape, cardboard, and recyclables, the mission was to create a ramp for pull-back cars.
Squiggle Art – I had pre-squiggled on several post-it note sized cards for friends and family to turn into a doodle and leave for the birthday girl.


Rainbow Piñata – a request by the birthday girl to have a piñata. I knew I wanted to limit the amount if sweets at the party so I filled the piñata with google eyes, kazoos, cars, helicopter spinners, hopping frogs, playdough, mini markers, raisins, and fruit leathers.

We had local water ice instead of traditional cake because it’s a favorite on a hot day and it’s gluten-free. Lillian wanted vanilla flavored and we added optional rainbow colored sprinkles.
We also had veggies and hummus, pretzels, and rainbow fruit cups (like THESE from TeachPreschool.org) which turned out really cute!
These are from teachpreschool.org but ours looked similar! Only they had a spoon attached to them with a piece of washi tape!
I have few photos of the whole day because that week was a WHIRLWIND of events for our family and because I was so busy getting messy during the party.
We highly recommend hosting this kind of party if you have a little artist in your home ! It was So. Much. Fun.


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