June 18, 2017

Kids Rainbow Art Party at the Park – Invitations

Rainbow Invitations
Invitations are a fabulous way to de the tone for a special celebration or party. Lillian’s 4th birthday is coming up and we knew we wanted to celebrate outside (though living in the city we don’t have a yard!) so we decided to host a party in the park and hope for sunshine!

We tend to like rainbow themed parties as they are so whimsical and colorful and just make me smile. We have been really into exploring and creating this season so i came up with the idea of a Messy Art Party and loved the thoughts it created in my mind.
I knew I didn’t have a big budget for this party so most of my supplies were things I had on hand, could make, or print.
Messy Art lead to paint swatches and the girls and I gathered a rainbow of colors from our local hardware store. We put them in rainbow order, punched a hole, and bundled using a brad so the swatches could fan out.
After playing around on the computer to find the perfect fonts, I printed the logistics on empty shipping label paper (like sticker paper), cut out the information and filled five pages (orange-purple) of our invitation “book”.
I used craft paper envelopes because I loved the handmade feel to them and the open-endedness but decided to add some flair with WASHI TAPE. (If you’ve never used this before it’s a must-have in kids art spaces! So colorful and easy to year and so open-ended!) I put rainbow bands on the envelopes starting on the front and then curving to the backside . Each is different , no lengths the same…I love the torn-handmade feel but still put-together looking.
I hand lettered the guests names.


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