October 20, 2009

Is it Garbage?

Lately I have been astounded at how 20 month old Layla is able to discern what’s “garbage” and what isn’t. She is absolutely fascinated by opening the garbage can lid and putting things inside. At first I was worried that she would throw away “good” things: like her snack, play hide and seek with her favorite duck, or hide the TV remote (we still haven’t found that one…) But more often than not – as in 9.95 times out of 10 – she is able to figure out what is “garbage” and what isn’t – a concept I even have a difficult time wrapping my head around (Hello: pants, drawings, notebooks, flower petals from High School.) She goes around the house finding little nothings on the floor; pieces of paper, old lost Cheerios, scraps of mail, and toddles her way to the kitchen, gently opens the lid, and places the old crusties inside. The many things little ones are able to do never cease to amaze me. I will continue to be in awe until I can only find one of my favorite shoes….

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