February 4, 2010

How to Cut Watermelon

Every time my cousin comes to visit I buy watermelon for her because she loves watermelon. Recently she shared with me that my Mom is the BEST watermelon cutter….Ever. I didn’t realize this was such a trick but apparently she can cut a watermelon without making a big mess and she gets great results. As I now realize this is a Kitchen Trick, I’ve decided to post about it – just in case you would like to know a Wonderful Watermelon Cutting Technique in just 5 easy steps. Thanks, Mom!

1. First, section the watermelon in quarters – cut it in HALF and then cut that in HALF. I started with a quarter that I purchased from the grocery store – sometimes I find this to be the best way to buy watermelon because you can see what’s inside.

2. Cut the watermelon in one direction. Slice down to the rind, without cutting through it.
3. Slice down to the rind, in the same fashion, going in the opposite direction so that you form a grid.
4. Now slide the knife along the rind as if you are “scooping” the whole quarter off. Go as close to the rind as you want the watermelon to be cut. This part may take a little practice, but it sure is worth it!
5. Dump the watermelon “cubes” onto your cutting board or into a bowl. If there are some that are too long (the very middle of the grid), you may cut them in half-but it’s not necessary. Enjoy!

This is what the rind looks like when you’re finished.

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