September 24, 2008

First Post

I am in the midst of setting up Shop on Etsy and will have my Grand Opening any day now…I am excited about the idea of selling pieces of my imagination to others who fancy them. I have been kept awake at night while designs float and creations stir in my mind. Trying to get organized, there are far to many projects and far too few minutes in the day. I want to spend time with Layla but at the same time a part of my mind is Etsy-fied. What should my next project be? When should I post? How do the pictures look – are they web-ready? Do I have it all together? I have a gazillion different projects strolling through my mind – but I guess they will just have to keep eachother company for awhile. Until I can get around to starting one, (between feedings, diaper changes, and floor crawling adventures) I guess they will have to take a number and wait in queue.

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