June 15, 2009

Fiddle Fab-ulous Busy Blankies are here!!!

Well, I DID find something to fill the pocket square in the little busy blanket quilts I have been working on. Now here, for your viewing pleasure – before they will debut in my Etsy shop: Fiddle Fab-ulous Busy Blanket. An interactive mini quilt toy and lovey to keep little hands busy and keep little minds exploring!

They measure approximately 14″ x 14″. There are three texture squares, a pocket with removable (but attached) teething surprise, a peek-a-boo square, a velcro removable (but attached) crunchy paper, a squeaker, a bell, and crunchy square, and ribbons inside and out and super soft minky on the back – a true sensory experience and adventure for your little explorer!

If you are interested in buying one please visit: spoolnloops.com as I will have them posted soon.

I am anxious to see what everyone thinks…

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