August 3, 2015

Doodle A Day – Start

It started when I signed up for Judy DeYpung’s #DoodleDaysOfSummer. Learn more about it here:

I began my #DoodleADay August 1st. I’m excited about holding myself to some kind of journaling entry every day for a month. It may even be difficult to stop at only one. I allow myself a confined space on my sketchbook page… It somehow feels less daunting this way. Sometimes I wonder how I can choose just one thing to say, draw, or capture in my 3×3″ space. Today it came to me AS SOON AS I woke up. Lincoln smiled at me when my eyes opened and I couldn’t help but smile … One of those deep, contented smiles … And I thought: everyone should begin their every day like this. Smiling. Heart-smiling. So I will leave you all with this thought for the day. 

Start Each Day With A Smile.

(And a Smiling Heart)

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