May 17, 2010

Deleware Children’s Museum
I love Children’s Museums…in general. I always have. When I was a child. When I was a teenager. Now that I am an adult. I LOVE how interactive things are…and I love that designers, toy makers, builders, and artists come together to collaborate on such remarkable learning spaces. It is inspiring.

I’ve recently had the opportunity to see a few new-to-me children’s museums. The Delaware Children’s Museum (DCM) just opened about two weeks ago. Having a Please Touch Museum Super Membership (I am a part of the ACM network so I can go to other children’s museums free of charge) I decided to give this one a try.
Initially I was put off – finding out that my ACM network didn’t work there. If I had bought my membership and ACM status from, say, the NJ Discovery Museum, it would have gotten me in no problem…but because I bought it through the Please Touch Museum it didn’t work. This really made me frustrated…especially when I had to pay $12 admission for both Buga and Myself.
The museum is Beautiful. It has the same professional look and feel that the Please Touch Museum does. It’s not Mom-and-Pop, it’s definitely corporate. It is professional and put
together. There is a lot of natural light throughout the building. The exhibits are thought out and pretty. We really enjoyed the recycled garden area…the river…and the “tot” space. There
were several exhibits I wanted to take my time looking at, but my 2-year-old made it impossible. The floors are still partially unfinished…and I don’t think it’s a design element. There are several exhibits still “under construction…” and there isn’t a theater or additional programming going on. It is only one floor, and though beautiful, I felt like I overpaid. Buga actually said she was ready to go…where other museums I’ve had to bride her with lunch just to get her out the door.
Though we did have a good time while exploring.

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