October 23, 2009


Cubbies are a definite in any toddler space – an organization system is a MUST. This was an inexpensive way for me to make the most of the space and bring a little harmony to the chaos. I like the idea of these little fabric baskets: they match, are cute, and are practical because they can be taken out and put onto the floor for play. We have these downstairs for her toys and she all ready knows what’s “in the baskets” (they don’t have labels downstairs) – but for her space I really wanted to try to establish a system and a reference guide for her. That’s why I decided on labels – I love label making! I wanted her to be able to see the written word – the alphabetic combination of letters creating a symbol, just like the picture is a symbol to the contents inside. She can use the Pictures as a reference now, but can also start to put together the letters and words.

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