February 12, 2016

Colors! – preschool books and activities
Here are a few of our favorite preschool color books, crafts, and activities. Enjoy!

A Color of His Own – Leo Lionni

The Crayon Box that Talks – Shane DeRolf
Dog’s Colorful Day – Emma Dodd
Bear Sees Colors –


Rainbow Roller – Mama May I
-a colorful rainbow vibe to turn any monotonous time into play-and-explore-color time. Add as extra dimension to color manipulatives or use as a hide and seek game while waiting. Fun for all ages! Link here: http://www.mamamayishop.com/products/rainbow-roller


Draw a picture of Dog and laminate. Have little ones add colored spots with markers while you read the book then wipe clean when Dog takes a bath. This is a great tool for story-retellings to work on comprehension skills as well! ( the photo of this project I used came from here but it’s a different activity than what I usually do http://veronastorytime.com/tag/messy/ ).



Color Collage – this is such a beautiful result from a simple color-explore. I set out a box of rains in colored object. We call it our treasure box. Little ones search for colored object to fill their rainbow collage color-study. We talk about the order of colors and I fold the extra long paper into 6 equal sections. All ages love this and they are so beautiful to look at when they are done!


Color Book – I love this idea by Fun A Day! using step stacking colors to see the whole rainbow and act as tabs to find certain color studies in a BOOK. I love making books. And this one reminds me of a book I made in fabric after being inspired by Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert ! Another fun color read! Link here: ( http://fun-a-day.com/i-see-a-rainbow-preschool-color-activity/ )




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