November 9, 2009

Chalk Board Madness

Layla really seems to enjoy the chalk board door in her new room. Every time we go in there to play she wants to scribble something on the wall. “I draw. I draw.” she exclaims. More often than not she wants one of us to draw with her too-so it’s a great interactive tool. I make pictures or lines or letters or shapes or scribbles and we talk about what’s on the board.

She has tried, on a few different occasions, to write on other surfaces in her room i.e. the carpet, the flannel board, her bed, the pictures hanging on her wall – thankfully all have been pretty forgiving so far.

I am excited because she is all ready enjoying these little stations so much – as she grows she will continue to find more and more uses for them all – and I don’t think she will “outgrow” them – I tried to design things that would grow WITH her. Maybe this chalkboard will become a scientific design planner someday. Or a classroom aid. Or a designer’s canvas. Or a veterinarian’s x-ray chart…there are so many possibilities.

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