December 16, 2011

Candy Cane Tape Relief Painting

Highlights High Five magazine came in the mail this week. Buga ALWAYS heads straight for the “Make This” and “Cook This” section. This month they did painting projects with tape – so that when you peel the tape away the negative space shows through. She immediately wanted to do it. And I wanted to make it Holiday Festive so we could hang them on the door. I decided to try candy canes and use red paint. I cut out the candy cane shapes from white Tyvek envelopes – – I was busy packaging up orders and happened to spot a stack of them – – I thought they would glisten differently because of the shininess ofthe envelope…and the contrast of the matte red paint – and I didn’t have painter’s tape handy, so I wanted to make sure that the tape I used would peel away easily from the paper. Needless to say, you could use any kind of paper you want, but it may work better with some kind of non-permanent tape – like painter’s tape…and if you had different widths, that would be even cooler. But this is what I had available, so here’s what we used:
Tyvek envelopes – I think about 6
Red Paint
Paint Brush
Splat Mat (we used last night’s pizza box)
I cut out candy canes from the envelopes in two different sizes. Buga helped me cut the tape (though I did most of the tape cutting).

Buga was in charge of tape placement.
So she went about putting the tape wherever she wanted on the candy cane cutouts.

When we were finished we used red paint to paint all over the visible white space.
Next time I do this I am going to add some peppermint extract
to the red paint so it will smell like Christmas, too.
Won’t that be fun??

When the paint dried (not too long which was good for Buga’s impatience),
we peeled the tape away to reveal the white underneath.
I love how they turned out – imperfect – but you know they are candy canes.
The lines are a little crooked and fun.
Ohh, they look great on our front door!
And we get to see them every time we walk into the house.
Merry Christmas!

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