May 11, 2015

Banana Breakfast Cookies

You know that post from the @KidsActivitiesBlog that went around about “How to Make Breakast Balls”?

The original post and recipe can be found here:
The concept of Breakfast Balls absolutely intrigued me from mys first read. Packed with protein and healthy fats, it has been our go-to-breakfast of choice around here when we have little a.m. time (for over a month now!!) 

I LOVE how involved the kids are In making them. It’s the perfect “experiment” type kitchen creations for little ones because you add a little this,- little that, your preference here, your favorite that and voila-instant deliciousness. They are more likely to eat things they’ve had a (messy) hand in making. 

We each make our own “flavors” when we make a big batch – we buy the nuts and dried goods in bulk and experiment with flavor mixtures. 

We’ve made this recipe (or a variation of) for play dates – each child made her own creation. She took them home but not before taste testing each concoction!

As much as we looooooooove this recipe as a base, we’ve had some failed attempts at creating the perfect hold-together consistency of the balls.

Here are some variations we have cooked up.
We found, to take the pressure off the ball formation, we could use mini cupcake tins instead of rolling the batches into balls. We press the mixture into each tin, cover, and put in the freezer for a few hours (or overnight) before popping them out and putting them in the storage bin. I personally find it easier than the stickiness of the ball-forming step. And I love that they are a consistent size / portion! 

Once (or twice) our balls failed to stick together (too much of the dried goodness!) We tried to freeze them and it helped until it thawed and then they crumbled again. Sooooo… we began rolling our bananas in the crumbles, and putting the bananas on a sticks. You can freeze them like this or eat them right away. They are so good and, I have found, any item “on a stick” is an instant hit in our house! 
Or you can add chocolate drizzle and stick the crumbles to the drizzle. Like a banana-sicle but with a high protein punch for dessert. 
One of our favorite variations: Banana Cookies!! First we cut the bananas in thick slices and then press the “cookies” into the crumbles – so the crumbles become the “sprinkles”. They are portable, bite-able, delicious morsels that every member of my family can’t get enough of. Yum!!
I hope you and your family enjoy these delicious morsels as much as we do

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