June 26, 2017

What Keeps You Anchored? – Mindful Moments with Mama May i

Share your story.

What do YOU do to nurture yourself?
I’m so curious how other caregivers take time to reset and recenter themselves.
How do you hang onto your sanity as a parent?
What are your daily, weekly, or yearly self-care rituals or rhythms?

 I spoke with someone today who takes 2 days
for her birthday and goes away.

The thought of this intrigued and delighted me.
I hardly ever get away by myself
(for an overnight is unheard of)
but I WANT to.
How do you anchor yourself?
What self-care things both big and small do you cherish most?
Morning coffee?
Evening bath?
Yearly getaway with friends?
I’m so curious!

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What keeps your anchored?

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