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Oh the simple and beautiful task of putting a ring on a post. Small hands fumble, fiddle; trying to flip the ring, fit the ring, get the ring in the perfect place. And then…clink; the sweet sound of success. 

Take it “off”. Put it “On”. One. Two. Three. Four. Let me feel them in my hands and run my fingers over the smooth, round shape. But they feel different. This one seems heavier, this one fits better, and this one- I need to stretch my fingers a bit to hold onto it. That one was so easy. Clink! Grr. This one is not as…..oop, there it goes! I did it!

Watch your little one’s mind in action with this silky smooth, wooden put-together. It is inspiring to see little eyes light up when they “figure it out”. A great way to foster early problem solving and develop fine motor skills. 

Each piece has been sanded smooth and coated with a mixture of beeswax and jojoba oil, enhancing the wood grain and soft texture.

The Base measures about 4.5” in diameter.
The largest ring is 3” in diameter.
The smallest ring is 1.75” in diameter.
All the pieces come inside a drawstring pouch for portability and “I can do it myself” clean-up. 

This is the perfect gift for your little Thinker and a great cognitive game for little ones 9 months +

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