Sorting Eggs



More Rainbow Play – This time for toddlers! A great addition to the color series, this little rainbow set is sure to intrigue and delight your little explorer. Placing the eggs in the coordinating cup is not only a great fine-motor skill builder, it also sharpens color recognition, and fosters imaginative play. This colorful set comes in a drawstring pouch and is the perfect size for toting to the doctor’s office, a restaurant, or grandma’s house.

This Spring I was looking little put together for my walking, toddling, curious, almost-one-year old. She loved playing with the Bambino Bamboozles – collecting the pieces, rolling them around in her hands, trying to put them together….so I decided to expand this lesson further and create a color sorting game. Hence the Sorting Eggs were made. She collects, rolls, and cups the eggs while I point out different colors and we try to “match” them. 

Each little egg measures about 2” tall. 
Each little cup is a little more than 2” tall.

Each piece has been hand painted with a nontoxic, soy based paint. They have been lightly sealed with a combination of organic beeswax and jojoba oil to keep the colors vibrant and the pieces durable.

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Weight 255 oz