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Mamas & Babies


This time of year my little ones are always on the look out for babies – not just human babies (infants), but any cute, little, sweet, adorable, natural animal baby they can spot. At the zoo, at the pond, at the park…wherever we adventure, they are smitten with interest over pint-sized furry (or feathery) friends. There is something whimsical about coming across these creatures…something magical. Recognizing what the animals are; knowing the sound they make; and learning what their baby is called is fun, interesting, and always leads to more conversation and discovery. Did you know a kit is just a young skunk? Did you know that both a cow and a giraffe baby are called “calf”? Monkeys have infants, just like we do! A fawn is a baby deer

Inspire your little biologist’s natural curiosity with these adorable animal pairs while enhancing observation skills and building vocabulary. The “mamas” are on bigger disks so they look and feel different. When playing a matching game, even the littlest explorers can sense the size difference and make a pair – one big, one small. Emergent readers will begin to notice letter shapes and groupings; Older explorers will recognize animal names; while younger zoologists can chime in with an audible animal sounds.

Each set comes with 18 animal pairs (36 disks in total). There are 18 coins that measure approximately 2” in diameter and 18 coins that measure 1.5” in diameter. Each image was originally hand-drawn and then hand stamped onto the wooden disks with archival black ink. The set comes in a muslin pouch for easy cleanup and tote-ability.

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