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Little Details Playset


Sharpen mental acuity while improving memory, inspiring story-telling, and open-ended play with the Little Details Play Set. This portable game can be used and played with in so many different ways…

-Match the 20 wooden trinkets to their appropriate picture & word card– or have them matched to shadow contours. 
-Put all the trinkets in the bag and choose a card – see if you can find the right item without peeking inside the bag. Feel around, investigating the contours of each piece to find the proper shape and size.
-Lay the pieces out on the felt play mat. Have your little investigator take a mental picture of them. Cover them up and quietly take one piece away, see if she can discover which piece is missing. For younger problem-solvers start with a couple objects. You can make the game more difficult by adding pieces.
-Set up miniature “still life” scenes with the wooden pieces. Have your little artist follow the curves of the pieces with his eyes and draw his findings in the pocket-sized Moleskine book. Create “Contour” and “Blind Contour” drawings using these whimsical wooden pieces as subject matter.
-Hide the objects around the room and see if your little one can find all 20.
-Take the objects out of the bag, one at a time, and tell a story incorporating your hidden treasures into the story line. Be sure to take notes so you can look back on the plot later.

This set provides a myriad of teaching possibilities. Discuss new vocabulary like shape, form, and line types. Incorporate drawing styles like Contour Line Drawings, and Blind Contour drawings. 

Open your mind to seeing things in a new way – a “thimble” could be a hat…or a pot…or a cup…or a rowboat for a ladybug. Let your little one’s imagination be the guide to exploring life’s Little Details in this magical, open-ended play set. 

What’s in the bag:
20 Miniature Wooden Trinkets
1 Felt Play Mat
1 Muslin Play Cloth (for hiding the objects)
20 Find Me cards (a picture of the object and its name is on one side while a simple silhouette of the object is on the reverse)
1 Pocket Moleskine and 1 miniature gel pen to doodle your discoveries 

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Weight 1.5 lbs


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