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Fiddle Fab – Gray Giraffe


With so many colors and textures, this blanket is sure to catch your little one’s attention. The front side is designer, 100% cotton, fabric. The back is made of soft, squishy, luxurious, minky. Great for comforting and touching any baby will love snuggling with it.

The periphery:

Each corner has a different set of ribbons gathered together, producing yet another tactile experience for your little one.

-One corner has a ribbon firework to help your little explorer sense groupings, feel quantities in bulk, and feel the sensation of many ribbons gathered together.

-One corner has ribbons in varying widths and heights stacked as a beginning concept to size and shape relationships.

-One corner has 5 ribbons divided by knots – a subtle beginning to mathematics and numbers.

-One corner has a teething knot – another way little ones make sense of their world – through taste.

Each side has a different gathering of ribbons as well. But each side offers an array of different materials and textures to fiddle with. All of the ribbons are cut straight and sealed (no chemicals were used).

-One side has angled ribbons grouped together

-One side has ribbons in different widths and materials in a progression from shortest to longest and back down again

-One side has ribbons in the same height but with different textures and shapes

-One side simply has a plastic teething hoop for little ones to chomp on. This circle also serves as a carrying O and hanging device – the perfect spot to connect to a diaper bag, stroller, or car seat with a link.

This fiddle toy has many different coordinating ribbons in varying lengths, widths, materials, and textures forming a great sensory experience for your little love. Each ribbon is straight cut and sealed (without chemicals) to avoid fraying and has been triple stitched for extra security. The ribbons are made of satin, grosgrain, rikrak, and other trims – creating a unique textural adventure. Your little explorer will love feeling the different surfaces.

Fiddle Fabs are the perfect cognitive play and comfort companion for your little one. They are portable – fit easily in a diaper bag and fasten quickly to a stroller with a link. This lovey measures approximately 12" x 12", not including ribbons, and is the perfect size for little hands to manipulate, cuddle, hug, and hold.

Because they are handmade, the ribbons may vary.

Machine washable – warm/cold cycle, tumble-dry low, or hang

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Blue Elephants on Parade, Forest Friends, Gray Giraffe, Sugar and Spice, Tropical Giraffes, Tropical Zoo


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