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Balance Birds


Kindly Allow 3 Weeks for this hand cut set to be sent. Thank you!

Oh, the Rainbow World in which we live. I’m surrounded by it. Colors. Patterns. Textures. I am inspired by its vibrant nature. My little ones are engaged by its intense color. I am excited to be offering a new line of products complimentary to all the others before them. Amazed and enthused, I watched little hands at my last craft show take pieces from this set and bring them over to that set. They combined the colors and shapes and pretended their way through storylines created. I got a front row seat…watching as the imagination of childhood thought unfolded. Play.

How I am awed by these mind-full tinkerings…Every Time. And here, in this new collection, you will find more pieces to gather, collect, manifest, pretend, play, and explore. Beautiful enough to display in any nursery, child’s room, or home. The colors suck you in and soon you will find yourself playing with them. Tinkering with the colorful pieces. Telling stories with their whimsical shapes. Incorporating them in everyday play. And learning with their little details and simplistic nature.

Let these hand shaped, hand stamped, hand painted pieces inspire your little one’s imaginative thinking and let the rainbow nurture discovery through the magic of open-ended play.

Meet these adorable Balance Birds...


Stack them. Build Them. Listen to your little Scientist chirp with excitement as these rainbow feathered friends go higher and higher. And they all fall down. Challenging your little scientist with these whimsical critters is sure to leave you singing…or squawking. But delighted to know there is a Science lesson “built” into every playtime. Though not impossible, balancing the six birds altogether can be tricky. But they certainly are beautiful. They certainly are colorful. They certainly are fun. And they will surely delight any naturalist. Or bird lover. Challenge your little explorer to a gravity game….perhaps only balancing one bird on top of another. As little minds better understand physics, little hands will begin to learn where best to place each bird in order to balance more. Invite these colorful friends into your home and watch the magic of science unfold (or fall down)…listen to the sound of bird stories taking flight…and see if you can figure out how best to nest these colorful critters and Balance Birds.

Each Balance Bird measures approximately 2.5" tall and 5.5" wide. Each has been hand cut, sanded, stamped, painted with a nontoxic soy based paint wash, and then lightly coated with an organic combination of beeswax and jojoba oil to keep the pieces vibrant.

*This listing does NOT include the Little People, but they can be purchased in the Toy Section of the shop.* 

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