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Guideposts to Living the PlayFULL Way

Reclaim your sanity, find joy, and parent with purpose


I’ve created a course to help you reconnect

Daily mantras, stories, and printables to inspire your connection with your whole self, your loved ones, and your life. Bite sized fun to help you Pause and Reflect, Play & Connect. This course is all about adding tools to your toolbox, making healing connections, finding joy, and self compassion through bite-sized pieces of wisdom.

Who is the guideposts course designed for?

This course is designed for any parent that is looking for connection and realignment in their lives.

If you’re keen to learn a little more about yourself and your children, so you really parent with intention and joy, you’re in the right place. 

The Guideposts course is a foundational course, jam-packed with lessons to make every single day a little brighter. The lessons are bitesize and the course is completely self-paced and self-guided. So, if you’re time poor (I get it!), the course adds absolutely no pressure. Move at your own pace and enjoy it.


The course has been designed to help you reshape your own minds, systems, and family systems. By practicing this every day, with little steps, we’re working to reshape the brain’s neural networks and pathways. In turn, this helps to reshape the family legacy, epigenetically. It gives us more words to talk about these things internally and externally.

It brings awareness, and with awareness comes the precipice and choice of pattern disruption – the opportunity – for pattern disruptions and intentional parenting and reparenting. The guideposts provide a cycle of awareness, intention, reflection, understanding, and the opportunity or invitation for practicing, integrating, and cycle breaking. That is what this course does.

And it also provides connection to other like minded people wanting to do the same. 

The Guideposts Course includes…


31 beautiful lessons to guide you on your way.


Videos, lessons and resources for you to work through.


A self-guided, self-paced learning style – move at your own pace.


​Prompts, tips and tricks for parenting and self-compassion.


Printables, daily mantras and heaps of inspiration

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Guideposts to Living the PlayFULL Way

31 lessons, daily mantras, printables, and resources.
Growing forward, together. Healing, together. Building a new Culture of Connection, together.
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