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Mommy, will you play with me?

Hearing these words usually comes with a bit of biting my tongue. Even for me, the Mom who believes whole-heartedly IN the value of play.

Even for me, the Mom who has built a career around designing Play things. Even for me, the Mom who believes that all human beings, including grownups, should invite PLAY into their lives more.

+ So why, then, when I hear “Will you PLAY with me?” do I have to bite my tongue?

+ Why is my first (internal) reaction to cringe?

+ Why does it take mindfulness and intention and a conscious choice to engage in such a basic human form of CONNECTION?

That’s ultimately what it is. A child asks us to play because their PLAY is the work of childhood. Because they are INVITING us into their WORLD. Asking these five simple words – to ME – is an honor. It’s a way for them to reach out, pull me close, show love, and connect.

And yet, I don’t always interpret their words as an invitation to connect. I usually see it as a chore. Ugh.

While I am sitting down to play my mind races to all the other things I should be doing….or could be doing.

I have a hard time slowing down my thoughts, my stream of consciousness enough to BE PRESENT. I think I have to direct what this interaction needs to look like.

…Or model something exceptional.

….Or teach something amazing.

…And it feels like a burden…..when really, PLAY is the JOY of childhood.

How do I turn off my to-do lists and tap into the piece inside my Soul that can nurture connection and the ability to Show Up and PLAY?

Introducing: How to Play with Your Kids, my FREE Ebook.

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