Is screen time a constant fight in your home?

I've got a free printable to help you do something good for you - and for those around you.

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At our house, we have a rule. No screens until you “do your four things” – you need to do something good for your heart, your brain, your body and your community.

It’s a short enough list, and visual, that even pre-schoolers can remember the 4 things they have to do first.

It’s just one of our house rules, now. It’s easy to remember and now, when they ask for screen time I can say “Did you do your four things?” 


The best part is, when my children engage in PLAY, and get into the FLOW of what they are doing, they often lose interest in screen time anyway – so it’s a win-win.

If not, at least I can offer screen time knowing they have done some activities to fill their cups, minds, bodies, spirits, and community along the way. Is screen time a constant fight in your home? Use this FREE printable to take the struggle out of the screen time battle!

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