June 17, 2017

You Are What You Do

Reflecting and meditating on this one right now. Looking around me. At myself. At people who say they are “friends”. At family who says they “will always be there.” This is such a trick – to SAY you are something… but if you never actually prove it with action, then words are smoke and mirrors. I get caught in this with other people because I want to believe their #intentions. But intentions are just a starting point. You can have all the best intentions in the world, but without action they are merely thought bubbles that float away. No substance. Reflecting hard on whether my own actions and words and how I characterize MYSeLF align. Am I who I think I am? Who I desire to be? What’s stopping me? The difference is turning the attitude into practice. Living it. Owning it. @brenebrown reminds me of this in her work on vulnerability and her “yoga attitude”. How do we own our character? One practice at a time. ? You Are What You Do ? and so is your partner, friend, family member. The evidence of a person’s character is threaded in the sum of his/her actions. Time and time again. They show us. We show others. #mindful #mindfulness #mindfulmama #mindfulkids #mamamayi #mamamayishop #message #npd #survivor #breathe #ptsd #reminder #aha #awake #awakening #awaken #aware #enlightenment #truth

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