April 4, 2011

Wipeable Coloring

I made these wipeable coloring sheets by photocopying some of Buga’s favorite coloring book activities – I copied them at 60% so they would be more portable. I laminated each page, hole-punched it, and bound them together with a metal ring from Staples. We use Crayola Wipeable Crayons with it.

I keep it in the car or Go-Bag for occasions like this : The Grocery Store. I dread going to the grocery store because it is never a fast trip. I always know what I want to get, but we always get side tracked and I end up chasing after a toddler with items on her own list. So I do whatever I can to Cart her. This is one of those activities. “You can play with this cool activity book while you’re in the cart!” Sometimes it works, sometimes it only works for a couple aisles….but it’s worth a try. It makes my life so much easier.

Here she is intensely enjoying her Cart time 🙂

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