August 21, 2011

Tissue Paper Fish

We are always looking for ways to incorporate our themes into our art projects. We recently decided to make an under the sea “mural” on our door using different methods of expression for different creatures in the deep. We are learning about the beach and ocean now, as a prelude to our trip to the beach. Buga really enjoyed this project an
d so did I. It was easy, used some different materials, and was super colorful. It provoked us to layer different colors together, and at the end we got to see how light effected the colo
rs and transparency. It turned out like a little stained glass window. We will definitely be doing this again (maybe in the fall with leaf patterns).
Here’s what you need:
2 sheets of clear contact paper
colorful tissue paper squares
permanent marker
stencil of the object you wish to create (we used a fish for our Ocean/Beach theme)
1. I taped the clear contact paper down to the table so it wouldn’t move all around.

2. Buga placed the tissue paper squares all around the contact paper…layer
ing, overlapping, filling up all the sticky spots.

3. I placed another piece of clear contact paper over top of the original

4. I traced the fish outline – only because I don’t let her use permanent markers…but she could have done it with another writing implement.

5. We cut out the fish with a pair of scissors.

6. She played with the “fish family”

7. We taped them to our front door.

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