January 15, 2019

This is My Work. My Life. My Purpose.

Y’all. I opened my 10-year old’s lunch box this evening and found THIS. She packed herself lunch this morning. THIS IS WHAT IT’S ABOUT. ? in this moment I was reminded of where I’ve been, where I am, and where I’m going. In this instant my life’s work – Mama May I, The Messy Open House Movement, Mindful MOM-ents, The PlayFULL Way flashed before me, settled within me, validated all that is beautiful and magical and wholly. Wholly. Yes. This is my life’s work. —— I was in the unique position of having to parent my children WHILE reparenting myself out of old family patterns, relationship dynamics, self doubt of unworthiness. As a single Mama I broke so many cycles in this generation by #wakingup #becomingaware —- and not only did I do it FOR ME —- but I found #mindful #loving #intentional #playful #playfull ways of INCLUDING and incorporating my inner child AND my actual real children through the process of discovery, self care, permission to step out, step up, be free…. my life and my brands are one in the same. The process. The journey. The tools I have used to #heal myself – to #breakthecycle – to #growup #expand —— that is the MAGIC and wonder and intensity of my work. Teaching myself and others how to hand off a better, brighter, more aware, playful, joyful, self confident and self LOVED Self to the next generation of humans. This is IT. Can you imagine how ON FIRE ? the world will be when we teach them (and ourselves) the rituals and practices of fierce self care and self love at an early age? Children who don’t have to spend as many years reprogramming their mindset in order to step more fully into their power? Humans who don’t have to wait until their 30s or 40s to give themselves permission to SET BOUNDARIES, GIVE CONSENT, LISTEN TO THEIR INNER COMPASS, TRUST THEIR TRUTH, EMBRACE their BEAUTIFUL AND MESSY Life?? A generation of humans who have, early on, learned that their VOICES matter. And that their FEELINGS are valid. And that they can practice being their own best friend. And they can practice fierce self love. And grace. Can you imagine this world? The power of empowering our (selves, eachother) AND our youth in this way? ❤️ I CAN! ????? This. Is. Magic. #rippleeffect #biglove #magic #alituppartnership

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