June 17, 2017

The Only Way Out is Through

I received this beautiful hand-lettered print from @this_unscripted_life Lizzy at the Mindful Women Retreat this weekend that she and Sheila from @sheilapai.alivingfamily hosted. I keep trying to remind myself of these words. The last couple days since the retreat have been full. And intense. So much shifting and struggling. Hurt and pain uncovered. Sometimes you just have to sit with your pain instead of covering it up. Be one with the feelings that bubble and rise and fall and bubble again. I am so grateful my children were at programming today because it gave me the space I needed to fall apart in semi-private. And I did. I cried. I sobbed. Collected myself only to struggle through all over again. My life is so out of my control right now and I feel powerless and helpless. I’m struggling to wake, to get done the everyday things that I’m called to do. To show up in a way that’s right and present for each of my children and to get through the big feelings of a life that’s shifting and changing before my eyes. There is no going back. But going forward in a way that isn’t what I expected; anticipated; desire is almost more difficult. Because going back I know all too well the story. It may be painful but it’s comfortable. And right now I’m itching for something comfortable to hold onto. When all the things are shifting at the same time I’m not even sure which pillar to hold onto… I’m sharing this here, publicly because it’s real. It’s raw. It’s uncensored. And as much as I take joy in sharing the highs and joys I think the ebbs, flows, and lows NEED to be discussed as well. Not every day is Pinterest worthy. Not every day is picture perfect. And these past few days I’ve done my share of unraveling. I’m sistering up. I’m trying to ride the waves. But I want you to know if you are having a hard time; going through a tough day; struggling to make it out of bed to show up for your kids…or for yourself. You are not alone. And you are loved. And you are worthy. And you are needed. The Only Way Out Is Through. Take the time to unravel as necessary. It’s the “through” that is the becoming. Sending love and light ?

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