November 10, 2017

Teamwork. Big feelings. Navigating sibling rivalry. 


#perspective #lifegoals

? rainbows as I listen to my kids navigate their big feelings. Letting them work it out can sometimes be hard to listen to. I know it’s important for them to learn these skills. Sometimes I mediate. Sometimes I model. Sometimes I give them space to do it all their own – through the muck, frustration, and harrrrrrrd parts. #growing #up #trusttheprocess

After listening to the #bigfeelings in the other room. Layla came in to ask me if I would set up a scavenger hunt for them. I didn’t want to, #momtruth buuuuuuuut…. then I remembered how difficult it was just moments sooner to #getalong. I told her my apprehension “how can I focus on doing this when you are all having a really difficult time getting along right now?” She offered to read to the littles on the couch while I made the #scavengerhunt prompts. *deepbreath* <this isn’t gonna go well was what I was actually thinking in my head.> but I agreed as long as things didn’t escalate again. She grabbed four books from OUR #intentionalbookshelf (in our house, they are mostly Mindfulness related books. Lemonade Hurricane. Even Superheroes Have Bad Days. Jonathan James and the What If Monster. Jack’s Worry. Were the ones I overheard.) they said and listened, asked questions, were engaged, laughed, talked, connected, and got along fairly well. What a great energy shift. I was ready to hide the clues and we collectively decided they should wait in the basement playroom. I overheard their excitement and giggling the whole time I hid clues throughout the house. What a difference this #reset made to their ability to get along. #rootedinplay when we go back to the basics of #connection and can become #playful again with ourSELVES and each other, difference fades. Tension fades. Anxiety fades. We can embrace the uneasiness. The hardness. The edges. And with humor and humility we are better equipped to lean into connectivity. #play is powerful. And difference-bridging. And so, today, after our #hardconversations #bigfeelings and #differences we #played – here they are, working together to figure out a clue that is #plainlyinsight – sometimes the most beautiful, powerful answers are. Sometimes the answers are right in front of us we can see them. I love this visual. Of them sleuthing together. Working as a team. Figuring things out collectively. Even when the answer is right in front of them. Sometimes it’s not about the answer. It’s more about the Journey. Journey On. #journey #path #mindful #mindfulness #mindfulmama #mindfulkids #breathe #giftsofimperfection #joy

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