May 1, 2015

Still Life Landscape with Kids

I absolutely love this little “landscape still life” Layla drew this afternoon. She set up the piano bench right by our front door to use as a drawing table. She looked outside onto the street to draw something that caught her fancy. 

She said “Mama, that tree across the street is just sooooooo big!! Isn’t it?? It goes so high up!!” 

—I don’t particularly think the tree is that big in comparison to the others, but to her 7-year-old self this tree is massive. So she drew it as such…and I LOVE it. 

I love that she took both something she SAW and mixed it with her brain’s INTERPRETATION of what she saw to create a piece meaningful to her. 

I am always inspired by her perspective. I love these glimpses into her Spirit. 

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